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I invite you on a spiritual journey to guide your choices toward an infinite light. My birth gifts of clairvoyance for over 20 years have guided me to specialize in healing and cleansing of the mind, body & spirit through crystal meditation and chakra balancing. Also palm and tarot card readings.

I am the love and relationship professional. I am a love specialist who reunites lovers, stops breakups and divorce, and I help find soulmates. Fast and powerful spells and mediations. Quick results guaranteed.

Are You?

Unhappy in Love

Lonely or Depressed

Unhappy with Yourself

Struggling with Success

I Restore...

Inner Peace

If you are searching for...

Insight    Balance    Peace    Happiness    Positive Energy

I help with all problems. I specialize in removing all stumbling blocks and negative influences that are blocking your path.

If you simply need questions answered or are searching for spiritual help, let me be the psychic clairvoyant you trust with your most intimate thoughts, questions and guidance.

Call Dorina Today To Clear Your Path For A Better Tomorrow


A reading will show you the path but the steps you take are your own.

Available for private or corporate parties

Services are extended to clients in all areas, including but not limited to: Beverly Hills, California, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, Alaska, Boston, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont.
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