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I Specialize in...

Love Readings

I am the Love Specialist. My Love Readings will give you the answers and insight that you need. I help to create relationships, rekindle passion, and reunite couples. I go into detail and tell you everything. This Reading is in-depth and personal, and comes from many years of experience. This Reading is in tune with love energy such as soulmates and twin flames, and it can help you find a new love, ignite and old love, attract a special person, or keep a love faithful and true.

Psychic Clairvoyance

This reading consists of reading your mind and your vibrations through my birth gifts of clairvoyance. Also helps to clear confusion and stress and bring joy and inner peace around you.

Palm Readings

This reading consists of life lines, love lines, health lines, short lines, long lines and braided lines. Each line has a unique meaning which depend on your palms because no two palms are alike.

Tarot Card Readings

A card reading is like no other because it is a visual reading to both of us. It provides detailed navigation of your surroundings. Like your love life, health, career, your past, present and future and the people places and things around you.

Full Life Reading

A full life reading consists of past, present and future, love, marriage and business, how to remove negative energy, and answers your questions.

Crystal Meditation

Meditation is a way of shutting off your mind's negative surroundings. It is beneficial to meditate with crystals because they have unique healing energy that brings peace, insight and awareness to create balance for your inner self.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are invisible spinning wheels of energy. Through the seven chakras we receive and transmit spiritual and emotional energy and positive and negative energy. Crystals are essential for us to open our chakras to a greater energy flow of balance and wellness.

Spiritual Healing & Cleansing

Healing and cleansing stimulates the mind, body & spirit of a person. It allows you to project more positive energy, it surrounds you with clarity, balance, intuition and joy and allows you to be a better person.

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Services are extended to clients in all areas, including but not limited to: Beverly Hills, California, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, Alaska, Boston, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont.
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